Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to use your account’s dashboard and fill in all the required data for the product upload.

Your dedicated manager will send your credentials and a set of instructions via email after registering.

A dedicated manager is a marketing specialist assigned to your account who will be responsible for creating, managing and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

We do our best to offer excellent services and promote your artworks as efficiently as possible. Our mission is to bring your products in front of an art collectors audience interested in buying art pieces same as yours.

Payments for artworks purchased through ArtMondi are made directly into your account, without any commissions.

We do not handle the shipping process at all. Each order placed through ArtMondi website will be verified by our team and then redirected to your email address. You will receive all the information about the buyer so you can get in touch and discuss further details such as packaging, delivery and payment.

Your advertising campaign for that product will be stopped and the rest of budget unspent will be transfered for another product, without any additional charges.

Of course. You can get a full refund for your budget per campaign within the first 14 days after deposit, no matter what!

Depending on the plan you choose, we charge up to 20% commission –  of each campaign’s ad-spend budget deposited into your account.